GoodGuide has serious ethical issues

December 8, 2009 · Posted in Commentary · 2 Comments 

Maybe your life has been really hectic over the last few days and you missed the media frenzy that GoodGuide, the consumer watchdog group, created over its assertion that the white hot Zhu Zhu Pets were unsafe.  Unfortunately, the mass media did not cover GoodGuide’s subsequent correction with quite the same fervor. Read more

GoodGuide issues correction on toy testing methods

December 7, 2009 · Posted in Commentary · 1 Comment 

In my previous blog entry, I called GoodGuide out on attempting to profit on the very toys they deemed to be dangerous.  GoodGuide’s allegations about Zhu Zhu Pets, this year’s must have Holiday gift, caused a major media stir.  In fact, my blog entry had more views than any other previous entry.  Read more

Is GoodGuide helping to poison the same children it's trying to save?

December 6, 2009 · Posted in Commentary · 4 Comments 

We should all applaud consumer groups for doing their part to make us aware of unsafe products.   GoodGuide recently rated the Zhu Zhu Pets Hampster[sic].  They found unsafe levels of tin and antimony in these toys.  According to Dara O’Rourke, co-founder of GoodGuide, levels of about 93 to 106 parts per million of antimony were found, well above the new federal standard of 60 parts per million.  Russ Hornsby, CEO of Cepia, the company that manufactures the Zhu Zhu Pets, countered in a written statement, “The results of every test prove that our products are in compliance with all government and industry safety standards.” Read more

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