GoodGuide issues correction on toy testing methods

December 7, 2009 · Posted in Commentary 

In my previous blog entry, I called GoodGuide out on attempting to profit on the very toys they deemed to be dangerous.  GoodGuide’s allegations about Zhu Zhu Pets, this year’s must have Holiday gift, caused a major media stir.  In fact, my blog entry had more views than any other previous entry. 

Apparently, GoodGuide simply can’t get their story straight, hence they have issued a correction.  They had asserted that Zhu Zhu Pets had exceeded new Federal standards on antimony levels.  Unfortunately, GoodGuide failed to perform the correct test on the Zhu Zhu Pets.  The new Federal antimony standard is based upon a soluble method test, where as GoodGuide performed their testing via a surface-based method, hence inflating their numbers.

Shame on GoodGuide’s incompetence, lack of ethics, and pathetic attempt at damage control.

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