Fitness Training Session 7: Low energy day

January 17, 2011 · Posted in Commentary 

FitnessSince I was off today due to the Martin Luther King holiday, my training session started at 7am today.  Due to some drama with my Dad’s health over the weekend and a slight cold bug, my energy level was very low today.  It’s possible the redheaded temptress was responsible for sapping some of my energy, but that is not a discussion for this blog post.

I let Little Miss Sunshine know right up front that my energy level was low.  Today was going to be a review of exercises that I had previously performed.  As I write this blog entry, I still feel pretty drained.  I am glad that I have the day off.  Although I was unable to perform many of the exercises for a satisfactory duration, my formed has improved.  Exercises that require balance are becoming much easier.  My balance has drastically improved, and so has my coordination.  I no longer look like a total doofus when doing jumping jacks with the medicine ball. 

After finishing my routine and stretching exercises, I was taken to the Power Plate for the first time.  This machine provided me with a strong amount of vibration as I did some stretches on it.  The effect was very invigorating.

My session with Little Miss Sunshine ended with a strong admonishment.  I was to start recording my dietary intake on My Lifetime.  “If you have time to blog, you have time to…,” went the lecture.  I assured my esteemed trainer that I would take care of it today.  Yes, so prior to writing this blog post, I recorded my dietary intake for the day up to that point.  Happy?

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