Fitness Training Session 12: Legs

January 30, 2011 · Posted in Commentary 

FitnessLast Friday was the last of the original twelve personal training sessions.  Things have been a little crazy for me that last couple of days, hence the late update.  Believe it or not, my quadriceps are still a little sore today.  However, they were killing me yesterday.

Legs were the emphasis of last Friday’s session.  Little Miss Sunshine promised to increase the intensity of the workouts and she did not disappoint.  I started off doing squats with a barbell loaded with two 25 pound weights across the back of my shoulders.  I did not have much trouble with performing this task.  On a subsequent set, Little Miss Sunshine added another 25 pound weight to each side.  Since there was no pad to wrap around the barbell, the pain across my shoulders was a little unbearable with this amount of weight.  Little Miss Sunshine also brought in a couple of long, heavy rubber bands to add to my torture.  One of these exercises featured me stretching out the bands with my feet and my hands over my head.  While in this position, I sidestepped across the floor.  I could only manage very small steps.  Coming back the other way, I began to tire.  I also did squats against the way with an exercise ball.  To change things up a bit, I performed this exercise using one leg at a time.  Little Miss Sunshine also had me use a leg press machine.  When Little Miss Sunshine could see that she had not added enough weight, she sat on the machine.  This encouraged me to push a little harder and faster in hopes that I could toss her off.  Little Miss Sunshine was able to hold on to the machine to prevent this from happening.

My quadriceps finally gave out at the end of the session.  It was difficult for me to even stretch my quadriceps out.  You might recall that the second set of twelve personal training sessions begin tomorrow.  I will be switching to two days a week, Monday and Friday.  Before our session begins tomorrow, Little Miss Sunshine will be giving me another FitPoint assessment.  I will be posting the results of this assessment, as well as the results of the assessment that I was given prior to starting my personal training sessions.  Like you, I am interested in seeing the results.

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