Fitness Training Session 11: Upper body

January 26, 2011 · Posted in Commentary 

FitnessThe emphasis for today’s session was strengthening exercises for my upper body.  Little Miss Sunshine warned me that she was going to kick up the intensity of the sessions. 

We started with a standard bench press.  My goal was to do 15 repetitions.  This was no problem for me based on the starting weight.  I asked for more weight to be added for subsequent sets.  I went on to do push ups with one hand perched on a medicine ball.  With each push up, the ball was rolled over for the other hand to use.  I am really beginning to hate anything related to a medicine ball!  This task was very challenging to say the least.  Using the barbell, I also performed bench presses with my hands together in the middle of the bar to concentrate on my triceps, as well as shoulder presses. 

Little Miss Sunshine had me spend some quality time on a stair machine, as well as the treadmill.  This was to get my heart rate up.  This coming Friday will be the last of the original twelve sessions.  We will be working on my legs.  Little Miss Sunshine will be giving me another FitPoint assessment next Monday.  This assessment will not only give an indication if I met my weight and body fat composition goals, but also set a baseline for the next twelve sessions.

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