Fitness Training Session 10: Functional exercises

January 25, 2011 · Posted in Commentary 

FitnessI am now in the last week of my original twelve fitness sessions with Little Miss Sunshine.  We performed “functional exercises” yesterday, which you might recall from a previous blog post are designed to help you with real life activities.

The session started with me performing lunges with a medicine ball.  The idea was to bring the medicine ball to the side of my leading leg with my arms fully extended.  This exercise is pretty grueling, especially to the shoulders.  I also performed the Ninja crawl as I had before, but this time I pushed a 20 pound medicine ball with one hand.  That was a little bit awkward at first, but got easier with each repetition.  My old favorite, the uneven push up, was back as well.  This exercise is particularly tiring for me.  I did not have that much strength when it came time to perform my third set.

My much improved ability to squat against a wall is cause for celebration.  Calf raises were incorporated this time and I was able to perform this task very well.  It’s anyone’s guess how my weight and body fat composition will track against my goals at the end of these twelve sessions, but there are some major improvements in my strength, balance, and coordination that have exceeded my expectations.  For that reason, I purchased twelve more sessions to commence next week.  Due to the cost, I am switching to two sessions per week with Little Miss Sunshine.

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