Fitness Training Session 1: Little Miss Sunshine kicks my butt

January 3, 2011 · Posted in Commentary 

FitnessI showed up at the gym about 5:45 this morning in preparation for my 6:00 training session, the first in a series of 12 this month.  I did some stretching exercises prior to Little Miss Sunshine, the nickname I have bestowed upon my trainer for this series of posts, coming over to summon me.

I am brought to an area that Little Miss Sunshine had set up for our hour long session together.  She assures me that my “muscles would be kept guessing” with every session.  I would be alternating between cardiovascular and strengthening exercises.  I was not expecting the intensity of the workout that my diminutive trainer had planned for me.  Eight minutes into the session, I looked up to Little Miss Sunshine and grunted, “I friggin’ hate you!”  Yes, this sweet young thing had brought me great discomfort.  Although each exercise felt awkward at first, my coordination and balance improved every time I performed an exercise for my taskmaster. 

About 30 minutes or so into the session, my muscles had been exhausted.  I could not even start a push up.  Little Miss Sunshine took me to the stretching area to have me perform a few exercises, followed by a sports massage of sorts.  Our hour long session concluded with some nutritional advice and a related handout.

I am writing this article almost 12 hours after my session with Little Miss Sunshine.  My arms are sore, but I feel like I was pushed to my limit.  This is something that I have  been failing to do on my own.  My expert trainer did make me work hard, but she also showed an appropriate amount of empathy for my discomfort.  So far, so good.

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