Unemployment remains at 9.5% in July, 131k jobs lost

August 6, 2010 · Posted in Commentary 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that the unemployment rate remained 9.5% in July with 131,000 jobs being lost. Temporary Census workers accounted for 143,000 of the total jobs lost. Private sector employment increased by 71,000 jobs.

Let’s breakdown the numbers:

  • The unemployment rate for high school drop outs was 13.8%, down from 14.1% last month.
  • 4.5% of college graduates were unemployed, up from 4.4% the previous month.
  • The jobless rate for high school graduates was 10.1%, down from 10.8%.
  • 9.7% of men 20 and over were unemployed, down from 9.9%.
  • Women 20 and over had an unemployment rate of 7.9%, up from 7.8%.
  • 26.1% of 16 to 19 year olds were unemployed, up from 25.7% last month.
  • Jobless rate among whites was at 8.6%, unchanged from last month.
  • 15.6% of blacks were jobless, up slightly from the prior month

College graduates continue to enjoy the lowest unemployment rate of the listed groups.

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