U.S. Tax Court lets drunk driver write off damaged truck

December 19, 2009 · Posted in Commentary · Comment 

Reversing an IRS rejection of a write off for a drunken driver, the U.S. Tax Court allowed a $33,629 casualty loss deduction.  Justin Rohrs wrecked his 2006 Ford-350 pickup truck in 2006.   In its decision, the U.S. Tax Court stated that driving after drinking doesn’t amount to willful negligence in of itself.  Had the court found there was willful negligence, the deduction would’ve been disallowed.  The judge in the case also stated that Rohrs was “reasonably unaware” that he was doing something wrong.  Rohr’s insurance company did reject the claim due to the DUI citation.

Proposed "war tax" being considered to end borrowing

November 30, 2009 · Posted in Commentary · 1 Comment 

What’s being called the “Share the Sacrifice Act”, is being proposed to end borrowing to pay for the war in Afghanistan. 

House Representatives Dave Obey, the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee,  John Murtha, the Chairman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, Congressman John Larson, the Chairman of the Democratic Caucus, and eight other Democratic Members introduced the legislation last week that would impose a war surtax beginning in 2011.   Read more

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