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John Denver was one of the biggest names in music between 1973-1977. He was known for his incredible music and his extremely large fan following. He dominated the charts and will always be remembered for his unique style and great personality. After John’s passing, lead guitarist Steve Weisberg continued playing John Denver Tribute concerts all over the country. The audience wanted the wonderful sound of John Denver and craved the live sound of his most popular songs. While this is what they came for, they ended up enjoying many of the stories Weisberg had to share about his many experiences with John.


The Jon Denver Tribute concerts were, and still are, loved by thousands of people. They still have that authentic sound and many of the band’s most popular hits are played, but during the concert, Weisberg would share stories about the mystery man known as John Denver. These experiences had a lasting effect on him and he felt it was right to share them with the audience that holds him so dear to their hearts. When many of the most popular songs were just ideas that John was throwing around, Weisberg was able to hear them in his living room from the man himself.


Steve Weisberg

Steve Weisberg

When he learned how everyone who heard these anecdotes enjoyed them almost as much as the concert itself, he knew he had to do something about it. During the 8 huge albums, multiple tours, TV appearances, and studio sessions, there were so many moments that were special. Some of them were simply humorous stories while others are spiritual experiences and sometimes a little of both. That is when he knew he needed to do something to share these stories with people and begin spending time with the fans.


He began hosting something called “jam days” in which he got together with fans and, well, jammed out. Weisberg limited these wonderful sessions to around 8 people so that no one felt left out and it felt more like a group of friends talking with one another. Wherever there is demand for these events, Steve Weisberg will go. It’s simply $100 and all you must bring is your favorite instrument and some questions. It will be a night that you will never forget and you will learn some things you cannot find anywhere else about the legend of John Denver.


John Denver was not only an incredible musician, but he was an incredible man as well. Steve Weisberg was one of the few people that truly got to know this legend of music and he has had a great number of special moments with him. In addition to performing amazing John Denver Tribute concerts, he also holds small events for people to come and jam out with him. He will share stories about the man everyone loved and answer any questions you may have. If you want to know more about John Denver and play with the band, find out where one of these sessions will take place and be sure to attend. There will be nothing else like it.


This blog was provided by Steve Weisberg’s John Denver Tribute Band, out of Dallas, Texas.

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