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December 12, 2009 · Posted in Freebies 

I recently posted an article called McAfee reveals the riskiest web domains to visit, which I would advise you to read if you value your online safety.   In checking the safety rating of this blog on McAfee’s SiteAdvisor site, I discovered that they offer a free plug-in that will determine a site’s safety rating based on several factors.  The  individual safety rating icons and definitions can be viewed via their plug-in site.  McAfee SiteAdvisor plug-in has received good editor and user ratings on

If you’re like me and prefer to install browser plug-ins sparingly, McAfee offers a free web based site report.  Simply visit the plug-in site and look for a search box on the right hand side of the page called View a Site Report.  Enter the URL of the site that you wish to check, then click the View report now button. 

I am happy to report, and you are probably relieved to discover, that this blog received a Safe rating from McAfee.

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