Chatfield Stables, Inc. Consumer Complaint

July 15, 2013 · Posted in Product Reviews 

Posting for a friend.

Misrepresentation of policy

Chatfield Stables
11500 N Roxborough Park Rd  Littleton, CO 80125
(303) 933-3636

I scheduled a ride at this stable and unfortunately had left my wallet at home.  I only had $ 70 in cash (they do not take credit cards) and they failed to inform me that I would have to pay $ 8 to enter the park.  I gave the $ 60 in cash, in good faith, to an employee who said I could reschedule the trip.  Upon calling the very unpleasant gentleman who manages this stable, he informed me that I could not reschedule the trip and that he would not refund me the $ 60 in cash I had given them.  Now I ask you, why would I give them $ 60 in cash as an apology.  Further, he informed me that they kept the money as they had prepared the horses.  I believe that equates to $ 30 per horse to put a saddle on it.  I would never have given them the money had I known this would happen.  If they wish to institute such a policy, I believe they would be better served to take deposits on their rides using a credit and/or debit card so they can keep the deposit should one not show up.  Their practices are clearly fraudulent and I emphasize, what person in their right mind would just hand over cash money when they could have merely left.  The manager is rude and uncooperative.  I am a single unemployed mother of one and wanted to treat my 12 year old to a nice time.  I would like a full refund from this stable.  The entire circumstances surrounding this unfortunate occurrence clearly evidence their poor business practices.

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