Tiger Woods is paying a high price for playing the 19th hole

December 10, 2009 · Posted in Commentary 

The Tiger Woods saga continues.  I thought that I could keep the lothario out of my blog, but the impact of Tiger’s escapades go far beyond the salacious tabloid fodder.

The latest count of Tiger’s alleged concubines stands at 11 as of this very moment, but this figure is subject to change.  In his apology, Tiger makes no admission of marital infidelity.

Forbes recently declared that Tiger was the first athlete to attain a billion dollars in earnings, mostly through product endorsements.  Since this scandal broke, Tiger’s TV ads have disappeared, although his sponsors have yet to officially drop him.

The Upper Deck store, absolutely no relation to this blog, is selling the Tiger Woods Pro Shots Ultimates Figure (1997 Masters Champions for only $29.99 on its Web site , which is 85% off its original $199.99 price.  The Clintonville Middle School band was hoping to raise $1,500 in auction for an autographed picture of Tiger Woods to perform at Disney World.  The school’s band director had requested the picture from Tiger prior to the scandal.  The picture only raised $300 and was purchased by a high school golf coach who happens to be friends with the band director.

It’s safe to say that Tiger will take a financial hit from this scandal.  It could go down as the most expensive dalliance ever, potentially in the hundreds of millions of dollars from loss of sponsors.  If there is a divorce as a result of this scandal, then the financial cost to Tiger will be much higher.

There has also been outrage in the black community.  Every woman linked to Tiger’s extracurricular activities is white.  Let’s not forget that his wife is also white, as in blonde and very fair skinned. 

There has been huge damage to his wife and children.  This scandal will live on for years, subjecting his children to ridicule in their school years.  If the marriage ends, then the children will grow up in a broken home.

In the end, Tiger Woods’ fall from grace has made us all a little more jaded.

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