Book review: The Laptop Dancer Diaries

January 4, 2011 · Posted in Product Reviews 

The Laptop Dancer DiariesI literally just finished reading The Laptop Dancer Diaries by Yvette Francino, and although I am thoroughly exhausted, I am going to write a review from the heart and I am not going to bed until it is done.  I have been taking meticulous notes while reading this book, but I am going to disregard them. 

Like the book, this review is being written from the heart.  There are many parallels with the premise that Ms. Francino wrote the book and what I have experienced recently.  If you have been through a divorce or breakup of a long term relationship recently, The Laptop Dancer Diaries will offer you laughter, inspiration, and a solid punch just below your solar plexus.

Ms. Francino had three resolutions in 2008.  Have an adventure each month, fall in love, and write a book.  The book is the subject of this review.  Having actually met Ms. Francino, I can tell you that she is a very attractive lady.  Men tend to put women like Ms. Francino on  a pedestal.  Ms. Francino is not afraid to show her  vulnerabilities and insecurities.  Through brutally honest personal anecdotes, we learn that Ms. Francino is just like the rest of us.  Experiencing 2008 through Ms. Francino, you will find yourself engaged in her hopes, tears, and joy. 

I laughed out loud many times while reading this poignant book.  The funniest line in the book actually belongs to Ms. Francino’s son, Scotty, regarding the possibility of life on other planets. 

In the end, Ms. Francino did achieve all of her 2008 resolutions, but not in a way you might think.  Read the book.  Trust me, you’ll be filled with a severe case of the warm fuzzies in the end.

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