Fitness Training Session 8: Legs

January 20, 2011 · Posted in Commentary 

FitnessMy goal with my blog posts from the beginning has been to document my training session the same day that it occurs.  That did not happen yesterday.  The delay can be explained by icy roads, gridlocked traffic around the Denver metro area, and the redheaded temptress.  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for a damsel in distress.

Unlike Monday’s session, my energy level was normal.  I truly believe that my lack of energy on Monday was due to allergies.  Legs were the focus of my eighth session.  Little Miss Sunshine had me start our time together with leg extensions.  This exercise strengthen the quadriceps.  This was followed by leg curls for my hamstrings.  I was familiar with each of these exercises, so there was no awkwardness involved.  Calf extensions were also on the menu.  I had never done this particular exercise before, but once again, I did not have any issues.  There is very little range of movement with calf extensions, so that was a blessing in my case. 

My old friend, squatting with my feet on balance discs was also on the agenda.  As much as I hate doing this task, my balance is definitely improving.  “Bulgarian lunges”, lunges performed with my rear foot on a weight bench, were added to the mix.  Little Miss Sunshine, as per usual, made this task look effortless.  True to form, I went into doofus mode.  I found myself holding on to my trainer a few times to prevent myself from falling over sideways.  It will take a little time for me to master the Bulgarian lunge.  As not to disappoint any curious onlookers, I was delegated to hop on to a step bench on one leg, balance, hop off, then repeat going the other direction, then switch legs and repeat.  My trainer’s demonstration and my execution were not one in the same.  The hard part was finding my balance after each hop. 

Once our session was over, Little Miss Sunshine weighed me.  My goal after 12 sessions is to lose 5 pounds.  Thus far, I have lost 4 pounds.  Before our session begins tomorrow, my body fat composition will be measured to gauge our progress.  For me to attain the final goal, I need to lose 7 pounds of fat and gain 2 pounds of muscle for a net loss.  To prepare me for the Stepathon next month, Little Miss Sunshine will be focusing on cardiovascular training with tomorrow’s session.

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