Flush Puppies – Flushable Dog Poop Bags

October 29, 2009 · Posted in Product Reviews 

I can highly recommend Flush Puppies.  I live in a townhouse and my puppy must relieve himself in the common area, so the poop needs to be picked up right away.  I don’t want to put the poop bag in the trash can in the garage due to the odor. Flush Puppies have fulfilled my needs.

I have been using them for two months now with no issues.  I gave my neighbor a few bags to try out.  She was so impressed that she placed an order for them.  My neighbor accidentally left a bag in her pants and put them through the washer.  The bag dissolved in water as designed.  Your plumbing is safe with this product, including septic tanks.

Each pack of Flush Puppies contains 15 bags.  Although they are flushable and biodegradeable, the bags are fairly heavy.  There’s no ick feeling when using  Flush Puppies like with some thin plastic bags out there.

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