A horrifying experience at Dumitri’s in Aurora, CO

February 9, 2010 · Posted in Product Reviews 

This is an acquaintance’s experience at Dumitri’s in Aurora, CO in her own words.  The incident happened on February 6th, 2010.

Subject: Emotional Vampire, Werewolf, Damaged Goods, Anger Addict, Control Freak, and a little Peter Pan

Emotional Vampire, Werewolf, Damaged Goods, Anger Addict, Control Freak, and a little Peter Pan

Personality Disorders pop up everywhere; the workplace, parent-child relationships, siblings, in-laws, partner-relationships, dating relationships, taxi-cab drivers, etc. It is a rare individual that goes through life without encountering an individual that puts the ‘fun’ into dys-FUN-ctional. Every so often, however, we have this most challenging experience in rather unexpected and unique ways.

Recently I was visiting with a friend at Dumitri’s Restaurant at Heather Ridge Country Club in Aurora.  Their other location is called Dumitri’s Family Restaurant and Sports Lounge on 911 S. Havana Street in Aurora, Colorado.  My favorite duet; Tony David and Pam Hughes were featured that particular evening.  Shared moments with friends, a full-bodied Cabernet, a blend of Jitterbug, Country Two-step, and West Coast Swing complemented the conversations shared with a friend who has walked through many a life-stage with me.

I was willing to over-look the 10 minute wait before Dumitri came by.  The dirty wine glasses, the wine that was tossed…but not replenished when the glasses were replaced, lack of refills with the ice water, empty glasses and dirty dishes left for more than hour; were starting to wear on me.  My dinner companion needed to leave and could not wait any longer for the check to arrive.  45 minutes later the check still hadn’t arrived; empty glasses, dirty dishes, servers obliviously walking to and fro.

Finally, I went up to a bartender and asked if he knew who our server might be. He declared himself to be our server.  I mentioned the inattentiveness and lack of service to the waiter; “You can’t be mad at me I was very busy, I had to pour drinks all night long.”  I asked to have the dishes removed, a refill on my water, and the check.  Ten minutes later; nothing had changed. I approached Dumitri.

Dumitri replied, “Then don’t tip the man.” He then continued with, “Look me in the eyes and tell me the truth, you received very good service, I poured your wine myself. You are in fact lying.”  “Dumitri, that was four hours ago.  The dirty plates glasses and plates are still sitting at the table.  My guest has been gone for 45 minutes, no-one has come to the table to refill my drink or offer my check.  We had to wave someone down to get refills on our water and that was well over an hour ago.”   Dumitri angrily responded, “You are lying. Look me in the eyes and tell me the truth; you received very good service.

 Rather shocked at this point, I responded , “I have worked in restaurant/retail management for years and I am telling you that what I experienced here was totally unacceptable.”  Dumitri moved closer to me and with great vehemence said, “F@#$ off, I don’t need people like you here.

Characteristic of Verbally Abusive, Controlling men; he ‘denied’ my experience, trivialized what had happened and its effects, and discounted me as an individual. The need for Control and Dominance was eeking out his pores.

The bartender finally cleared the table and refilled my water. After some time, the server brought my check. It was nearly midnight.

I said good night to Tony & Pam, Kenny & Rachel, and several others when Dumitri came by with the security guard and ordered me to pay my bill and leave.  I simply stated, “You will speak to me with dignity and respect. I will pay my bill and leave after I have visited with my friends.” He and the guard slithered away.

So, why waste your time on dating sites, going to work on Monday, visiting your in-laws after church, or waving down a taxi in Las Vegas? You can have it all, right here in Aurora, Colorado; an Emotional Vampire, Werewolf, Damaged Goods, Anger Addict, Control Freak, and a little Peter Pan all wrapped up in one little 5’ Zero package.

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